The Lynda Lee Dress Factory


The art-deco facade of the Lynda Lee Dress Factory

Located in a a small, Vermont town, the Lynda Lee Dress Factory doesn’t exactly strike you as a heavy, gritty industry, like most abandoned factories in places like Newark or Gary. The Lynda Lee Factory was designed in the art deco style sometime during the mid 1900’s, and at one point it also was home to a print shop, probably when the manufacturer started to lose money as US industry declined. Sadly, I can find little to no information about the history of this extremely unique factory. It is known that a fire started in the basement of one of the factory areas, causing it to be condemned by the city, and that it went up for auction but was never bid on.


The loading bay is filled with piles of boards. I think they were put there to block the elevator shaft.


The main factory floor. I attempted to walk on the wood, but it sagged under my weight. No way to cross here.


Looking to the other end of the factory.


The only way in or out of the loading bay.

Unluckily, as soon as i was ready to leave the factory, some construction workers showed up and decided to pick up on demolishing another wing of the factory. Unable to get out without being spotted, I staked out in this room, waiting for them to go away.


Escape rout!

I figured it would be easier to stay hidden going this way instead of the street way.

If you plan to visit the Lynda Lee Dress Factory, the main dangers are wooden floors and rusty metal. It is unclear what the fate of the factory will be in the end.

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